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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wish list

It is early Wednesday morning and I have an exam on Thursday afternoon. I prefer not to dwell on the amount of lecture notes I still have to cover lest I lapse into a panic attack. Instead I choose to blog.

Not exactly the wisest course of action considering I just spent more than an hour writing a poem earlier. I must be nuts. Or maybe the lack of sleep is making me delusional. I think I have more time to study than I actually do.

One week of wasted study break… maybe I should have gone back to Malaysia instead of idling my time away here in Perth. At least if I had gone home, I would be able to see all the people that I miss dearly and eat all the food that I miss almost as dearly. At least back home, there is my family, there are my cousins, there are good friends, and then there is him. At least back home, there is proper home cooked food, instead of the instant food that I have been living on for the past week and a half. At least back home, I can go shopping, eat out, hang out in Starbucks, watch Astro/ Korean drama series, go mamak-ing, not rely on public transport, not bother multiplying the price of everything I buy by three, speak Manglish, wear shorts, go swimming, shower in cold water without shivering, have a life after 5pm…

The things I wish to have/do that can only be had/done in Malaysia… the list goes on and on.

I can’t wait for this Sunday when one of the most missed things on my wish list, which incidentally is the only thing I can have while I am in Perth, will be ticked off.


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