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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The cursed G

Define gossiping.
If you talk to people long enough and you feel comfortable with each other, conversations have a tendency to flow naturally towards something deeper than “I lurve this new pink gloss by Stila” or “I’m good, thank you. How was your day?”. If you like someone enough to want to be friends with them, then naturally, you want to know more about them. How do you do that? By talking to them! Ask them questions! Get the conversations flowing! The following questions are what amount would be too many questions and how do you know when you are probing too deeply?

Fact : Everybody has different limitations. The only way to know what someone’s limit is, again, by talking to them. When you know where the lines are, don’t cross it!
Fact : Everybody talks about other people. It doesn’t mean they criticize or viciously backstab those people. Have some faith in human conscience!
Fact : When you start spreading untrue rumours or when you tell people personal things about somebody else, then, yes, you are gossiping. Bear in mind though that there is no smoke without fire.
Fact : Almost everybody gossips. It is inevitable to talk about the people living within the same society as yourself. It is when you spread vicious, baseless lies that will affect other people’s lives or when you break a confidence and start a chain reaction of rumours that gossiping becomes harmful.

Gossiping however, is NOT asking people to talk about themselves. You are also NOT gossiping if you keep what you are told to yourself. Gossiping is when you do not know to whom and when you should SHUT UP.


  • At 11:43 PM, Anonymous pink boob said…

    hey jo u anrgry or something?

  • At 10:23 PM, Anonymous Squirrel said…

    Hey, i think i know what u mean. I was in the same condition b4 and i understand it's kinda frustrating. That's why i dun wanna ask too much bout other ppl's stuff nowadays. Just dun bother bout what others say if u know u din do anything wrong. Besides, ppl who knows u well knows that u dun gossip. So cheer up, princess...


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