UnCharted Territory

Sunday, April 30, 2006


When you have intense feelings for someone… be it love or hatred, the other party usually remains completely oblivious. Hence the one person affected by such feelings will be you. Let’s not talk about love. Hatred is probably the worst feeling one can harbor. It makes you sick in the stomach, it gives you indigestion, it makes you completely inefficient. And what’s worse, it turns you into a grouchy old woman/man.

I have always been relatively benign when it comes to dislike for people. Surely it is impossible to like everyone. But when I do dislike someone, I simply stay away from them and never ever let them get to me. But then again, it is easy to not let someone you don’t see much get to you. What happens if you see them every single day ?? *shudder*

I have decided it is simply not worth it to lose sleep over someone you don’t care much about. I value my own peace of mind too much to hold grudges over petty things. And besides, there are more important things to worry about.

So… everybody chooses which side of themselves they want people to see right? It doesn’t necessarily mean not being ourselves; it just means adjusting to different environment/situations. I suppose it isn’t entirely feasible to show our true colors stark naked all the time. But when they are shown, it doesn’t mean all form of civility and respect for other people fly out the window.

No matter how much we do not see eye to eye and no matter what we think of each other, it does NOT warrant rudeness. And it certainly does not warrant any form of spiteful behavior or thoughts. For my sake, I propose a very sound suggestion.

Let bygones be bygones.


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