UnCharted Territory

Thursday, November 17, 2005

If I Die tomorrow

When you hear these four words “Your blog is dead” spoken to you by several different people, you know it is time to ADD A NEW POST.

When you need to remind yourself that studying for EOS does not equal NO LIFE, you know it is time to take a break.. or two.. or three.

When you have been staring at the same page of the same lecture note for two hours, you know it is time to STOP WORRYING about the exams.

When you find yourself smiling like an idiot while ‘studying’, you know you should conserve your brain power for the next day and just GO TO SLEEP.

The time is 3:46am. That in itself is reason enough to explain for my utter and complete lack of eloquence.

The students of M2/03 were asked to write their profiles yesterday. We were asked to complete several sentences, one of which was this:

If I die tomorrow, I will ….

The truth is, if I die tomorrow, I will not be able to rest in peace. There are so many things that I want to do, another 20 years would still be too little time. A friend once told me that there was a period of time in her life when she was able to go to sleep every night with the conviction that if she died the next day, she would be at peace with herself. Because she strived everyday to achieve what she wanted to achieve, do what she felt was right and worthy and ultimately, attained the fulfillment that gave her the assurance that her life was well lived. It is commendable for someone so young to have found such contentment. As for me, I seek for fulfillment that can only be achieved through many years of experience and effort. However, it is undeniable that Life is both Fragile and Unpredictable. That said, If I really do die tomorrow, I would still be grateful because alive, I have been blessed in every way.