UnCharted Territory

Sunday, October 23, 2005


It has been ages since my last post, so I figured it is about time I posted something up.

The good news is I will be going to University of Western Australia. Which means if all goes well ( ie. I pass my EOS ), my dad, bro and I will be flying to Perth as soon as December. Seeing the faces of some of my friends who got their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc choice ( still not so bad ) and a few others who got their 10+th choice ( not too good at all ) I am really, really grateful to have gotten my first choice. All the best to these people and Good Luck to those who are appealing for a change. As for all the fortunate others like me ( you can always tell by the way their eyes are literally SHINING with joy ), a hearty Congrats!

The bad news is CNS Assessment SUCK big time. I feel like a fool thinking back to how I fell for my co-ordinator/facilitator's " CNS-assessment-is-gonna-be-a-breeze " act. And mind you, it wasn't just me. He lulled EVERYONE in my PBL group into a false sense of security. FOOL FOOL FOOL.
But of course, I cannot possibly place the blame solely on another's shoulders. In all honesty, I really, really did NOT study hard enough. Right now, the only thing I can do is to hope for a pass in this test.

On a brighter note, sometime earlier this month I entered the IMU Art Competition. Both the poems I submitted were short-listed and I was asked to choose one to recite. Of course, I was HORRIFIED with the idea of reciting something ( anything at all ) on stage in front of a bunch of people with judges JUDGING my performance. What more to recite something as personal as a poem... I was Freaked out! Anyway, now that it is all over and done with, I can look back at it with amusement, gratitude and a touch of pride. Amusement at the way my recital went, the reactions of all the contestants including myself and yes, even the annoyingly sarcastic emcee. Gratitude for the help and encouragement from Sarah, Kenneth and Vasan; and to ZK, KR, Dr.SC and the others who were sweet enough to say nice things about my poem/recital. Pride for doing it anyway despite being scared witless.

And as a closure to this post and to not be bested by these two girls, I shall follow in the footsteps of Gongster and Elena by posting up my poem. As the poem I recited ( My Story ) was posted quite a long time ago, this is the other poem which was also short-listed.

Miracles of the World
If I am on top of the World,
Watching as far as my eyes can see,
I wonder what catches my wandering gaze,
If I can span a distance far and wide ?

I see the oceans and the life they breed,
The falls and the streams in all their splendour,
I see the ports and the ships by and by they add,
Benefaction and desecration but a tangled snare.

I chance upon the private joys of love,
The many forms of which spring courage and content,
I chance upon the sorrows of injustice,
The grievances of death, loss and hate alike.

I see the magic in nature itself,
The beauty and vitality unique only to life,
I see the detriments as we grow and develop,
Inevitable as we advance and industrialise.

I revel in the marvel of architecture,
Skyscrapers, homes, temples, all art in itself,
I mourn for the dismay of war-torn destitute,
The interspersion of everything good and bad.

I take in the glare of the sun,
And the brilliantly cloudless sky,
I take in the sting of the storm,
And the caress of the wind.

I bask in the warmth and the cold,
I accept the ups and the downs,
I see as much and as far as I possibly can,
But I, I choose to remember
the Miracles of the World.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


I write when I am sad. I write when there is too much in my mind and when I feel boggled down by the goings-on around me. Most of the time, the result is completely incoherent. Other times, they are childishly written; simple and frank. And once in a blue moon, I find poetry a better form of expression.

Gongster : “… Is there any poetry that is happy? ”
It is true that many poems are sad. But then again, there are sad poems… and then there are inspirational poems, love poems, friendship poems and what I call appreciative poems.

Personally, 99% of the contents in my journal were written under all sorts of emotional turmoil except happiness. Which is probably why I find it such a delight to read the occasional ‘happy’ poem. The following poem which I found somewhere written by a guy from Texas is, to me at least, a joy to read :

Wild Fae
Leave an empty spot in your garden,
So that the fairies have a place to dance.
Leave an empty spot in your mind,
So that fairies may run and prance.
In the garden, they spread pixie dust all over the leaves,
When the moon hits the garden just right,
You can see it shimmer lightly, in the cool night breeze.
You can see them too, if you just say please,
They’ll dance before you with relative ease.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


The door is open
The coast is clear
My mind says to flee
My heart stays unmoved
I am held spellbound
Disabled and confused
Where once I flew unbound
With nothing to tie me down
But, I will bear this no more
I have seen what I missed
I will no longer mistake
What I know and what I feel
Today I spread my wings
Nothing can hold me back
Today I am free
I fly to where I belong.